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Submit your 6x6 project

Submit Your Project to

Do you have a custom 6x6 vehicle that you want to showcase to the world? At 6x6 Vehicles Revolution, we love celebrating unique and extraordinary creations in the realm of off-roading. We invite you to submit your custom 6x6 car or truck to be featured on our website and share your passion with our community of enthusiasts.

Whether you have meticulously designed a one-of-a-kind 6x6 masterpiece or modified an existing vehicle to enhance its off-road capabilities, we want to hear from you. Show off your creativity, craftsmanship, and engineering skills by submitting high-quality photos and detailed information about your custom project.

To submit your project, please follow these steps:

Gather high-resolution photographs that showcase your custom 6x6 vehicle from various angles. Make sure the images are clear and well-lit to capture the essence of your creation.

Prepare a description of your custom project, including the make and model of the base vehicle, the modifications you made to convert it into a 6x6, and any unique features or enhancements you have added. Feel free to share the inspiration behind your project and the challenges you encountered during the customization process.

Provide technical specifications such as engine details, suspension modifications, tire size, and any other relevant information that highlights the performance and capabilities of your custom 6x6 vehicle.

Include your name or a preferred nickname as the project owner, as well as any social media handles or website links you would like us to mention when featuring your project.

Send your photos and project details to our submission email address: Please ensure that the email subject line includes "Custom 6x6 Vehicle Submission" for easy identification.

By submitting your project to, you grant us permission to showcase your custom 6x6 vehicle on our website and social media platforms. We may edit the submission for clarity and formatting purposes, but we will always credit you as the owner of the project.